Letter writer's criticism was off-base


I'd like to respond to Scott Terrell's letter from the Oct. 11 Wildcat. He criticizes Editor-in-Chief Sarah Garrecht's journalistic ability by attacking her editorial "Some thoughts on love" (Oct. 5) and insults every journalism student on this campus.

Terrell was annoyed that Garrecht asserted that "every minister (she) talked to says that nowhere in the Bible does it say that homosexuality is wrong or a sin." Terrell then went on to quote several passages from the Bible and asked that she "please try and go directly to the source, instead of relying on second-hand information . (because) this was a good rule in journalism."

Mr. Terrell, perhaps you should take a few classes in journalism before you presume to criticize those who are experts in the field. Editorial writing is by definition opinion-based. Unlike news writing, it is not necessary to cover every last trivial, minute fact, especially those which are contradictory to the point that the writer is trying to convey. Editorial writing is biased, sir, and like it or not, journalists are not going to observe the opposing point of view if it is not to our benefit to do so.

Excuse the name-calling, but Scott Terrell is a hypocrite. He implies that poor journalism is the reason that "UA is eliminating the (journalism) program." Not only was this an ignorant, unnecessary comment, but it was an insensitive blow below the belt. If he had bothered to investigate that which he attacks, he might have realized that there are a lot of journalism students here, like myself, who are deeply upset about the instability of the program. I take my future career plans seriously. I find it very immature to insult an entire program, the staff and every student involved because one person happens to hold a different opinion.

However, I must compliment you, Mr. Terrell. You are very good at quoting the Bible to those of us who are obviously uninformed and probably in the need of being saved from the depths of hell. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the UA Mall on Dave's day off. Oh, by the way, since several ministers' interpretations of the Bible are not up to par with your own, you might want to look into finding a job application for the position of "God."

Marci Winter

Journalism Freshmen

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