Directory cover sends bad message


The Student Union directory which is used everyday by thousands of people on campus, sends its own message. What is the image of the University of Arizona that we see:

McClelland Hall is such a progressive building . the sky is beautiful blue . and then, such interesting traditional, stereotypical roles depicted the Notable Professor leading the way, the Helpful Woman, well to the rear, carrying his burdens, maybe her flowers.

This cover was a contest winner!

Whether or not the photographer, Chris Holford saw the ironies, this photo was chosen to be on the directory cover for an institution that talks a lot about encouraging women to step forward, to take on responsibilities of the briefcase, to lead.

I do not know how the cover art is selected. It would seem a good job for a committee, with representative members of the UA community, including students, staff and faculty. You might even exhibit the entries in the Student Union and give recognition to the participants, with an announcement of the cover winner.

This, in turn, would stimulate more interest in submitting entries for the cover. If you had few choices, I can see why this photo may have ended up on the cover. Otherwise, there is no excuse for it.

Fran Janssen

Administrative Assistant

Hydrology and Water Resources

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