Business dean announces plans to retire, 'seek new challanges'

By Kelly Canright

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The dean of business and public administration announced Tuesday that he would step down from his position next summer.

After serving as the dean of business for nearly 16 years, Kenneth Smith will step down on June 30, 1995.

In a letter to colleagues, Smith states, "It is time to seek new leadership. And it is time for me to seek new challenges."

Smith has been the dean of business and public administration since August 1979, when he was offered the position.

Smith wrote in his letter, "It has been my good fortune to serve as dean during a period of dramatic development of the University of Arizona."

"We have grown along with the university which has prospered a great deal. We have benefitted from great additions to our faculty and a dedicated staff," said William Barrett, vice dean of business and public administration.

One of the most obvious contributions made to the college of business under the leadership of Smith is McClelland Hall, which was constructed for the business college.

The building was financed by state and private contributions, Barrett said.

"We consider the building to be one of the showpieces of this campus," Barrett added.

"Under his (Smith's) leadership, the idea of the Karl Eller Center for the Study of the Private Market Economy was implemented and was very successful," Bar

rett said.

In his letter, Smith spoke of achievements he had made as dean of the college of business and public administration.

"We have attracted an outstanding faculty, developed innovative educational programs and established strong partnerships with the professional community," Smith said.

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