Directory critics need to 'chill out'

An Open Letter to Fran Janssen and Dorothyanne Peltz:

I read both of your letters today in the Letters to the Editor (Oct. 25) of the Wildcat and absolutely take exception to your annoyance of the picture on the cover of the new Student/Faculty/Staff Directory.

Maybe the reasoning you used to immediately conclude that the woman in the picture had anything at all to do with the man in the picture shows the prominent reactions from women in our society today. Chill out, ladies, all men are not out to capture us and enslave us. And if this was her boss or husband, I can't imagine that he wouldn't be helping her carry either the flowers or the box she obviously has in her arms.

I consider myself a very liberal woman. After all, I was a product of the '60s, living in Chicago, Illinois, walking shoulder-to-shoulder with Gloria S. and all of the others who took up the cause of women's liberation at the time. It just seems to me that much of what I see today is a little "over the top" when it comes to just common sensibility.

Is there any consideration whatsoever in this picture that the woman has absolutely nothing to do with the man? How about considering the idea that maybe she is a professor herself and maybe just received the bouquet of flowers from her sister from out-of-town for her birthday. Or better yet, from her administrative staff for being such a great boss to work for. I personally am a secretary who doesn't mind making the coffee or pouring a cup for my boss. I know that could get me hung in some secretarial circles, but let's have a little give and take here, ladies.

I will be truthful and say I didn't personally like the picture either, but that was because I am a traditionalist and would have liked to see a picture of Old Main again rather than part of a building that no one is going to recognize unless you work or study there. However, when I looked at the picture I certainly did not immediately see a put down of women, especially the reference to wives.

So flame me, hate me, tell me I don't understand. Actually, I think I understand completely and both of you along with many others I'm sure need to open up the little gray cells just a bit more and take the chip off of your shoulders.

Joan McKinney

Administrative Secretary

Steward Observatory

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