Police attempt to clarify controversy over sketch


There is a need to clarify the misunderstanding concerning a recent police sketch that appeared in the Arizona Daily Wildcat regarding one of two suspects in an armed robbery.

The facts of the case are that a student was confronted by two individuals, one of whom with a knife held him in a head lock. They demanded his wallet, and in the course of the robbery cut the victim on the neck. The victim of this crime could only clearly see one suspect because the second suspect was holding him in a head lock.

The victim was able to provide UAPD with a composite sketch of the suspect he saw. This composite was given to the Arizona Daily Wildcat at their request. Providing this composite to the Arizona Daily Wildcat was in no way intended to single out one particular group of individuals but rather to alert the community to the fact that a violent crime occurred on this campus, and that UAPD was seeking the public's assistance in identifying the persons responsible for this offense. Without public involvement, many crimes would be closed with no further leads.

If the victim of this violent crime was able to provide us with enough of a description of the second suspect, a composite would have been developed and provided to the Wildcat.

I would encourage anyone with information concerning this incident to call UAPD at 621-UAPD (8273) to help us identify the two individuals responsible for the crime.

J.M. Thomas

Chief of Police

Brian A. Seastone


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