Directory cover committee insensitive to women


Congratulations to Dorothyanne Peltz for her letter "Student directory cover blatantly chauvinistic" (Oct. 26). We're with you Dorothyanne our office, both male and female, have returned the directory covers to Mark Woodhams. To Mr. Woodhams: We're not reading more into the picture than what is there you and your committee should be embarrassed by the selection made. Why the cover doesn't represent UA from a student's perspective the reason why this campus exists is beyond us. The insensitivity shown by you and the committee is a disgrace and indicates how the University of Arizona feels about the role of women on campus. It's obvious you're not sensitive toward this issue, but are you blind to the message being sent to the campus community every time an individual picks up the phone directory? So much for diversity at the University of Arizona. Next, we'll be sent back to the kitchen for k.p. duty.

Ruth Cherrick Carmen Arrison

Administrative Secretary Administrative Associate

Dean's Office/ SBS Dean's Office/ SBS

Pete Castellano

Senior Business Manager

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