"Cuckoo" letter was narrow-minded


This is in response to Barbara D. Wesolek's letter (Sept. 30). The University of Arizona has never had a class, major or program of study that has students soliciting oral sex from horses. In fact, the person who did solicit oral sex from those horses was probably not a student, faculty or staff member of the university. At the end of every semester, every TA or professor who has taught a class is evaluated and therefore graded on their performance by guess who? The students.

Obviously, you are narrow-minded enough to believe that the actions of one person or group dictate the mindset of an entire state. I have a suggestion for you; rather than boast about being out of state and how ridiculous the university's attempts to improve the quality of education they deliver, get off your whiny ass and take a good look around Arizona . You will find that good people live here and are proud to call it home. You will also find that this university teaches well and plans on improving.

While you are at it, why not take a good look at other universities like the ones in your home state, so you could GO HOME. If you were intelligent enough to apply and attend this university, I'm sure you would not last very long.

People like you probably give wherever you call home a bad name.

Vanessa Price

Arizona Native


Biosystems Engineering


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