Koffler is a valuable asset to university community


I am concerned about the negative overtone of the article written about Dr. Henry Koffler, President Emeritus found in the Sept. 29, 1994 edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. I wanted to remind the faculty and student body how valuable an asset Dr. Koffler is to this institution.

In 1992, I had the privilege of taking two colloquium courses offered by Dr. Koffler. During that year he gave me career and educational advising along with some of the best courses I have received. These courses were biotechnology and great experiments in microbiology.

Further, Dr. Koffler led me in an independent study research project that was very valuable. His personal involvement in the careers of his students and guidance to them is priceless at a large institution such as the University of Arizona where many students feel insignificant.

Dr. Koffler continues to work at the university because he is committed to this institution. He has a scheduled workday that is a minimum of 10 hours. He is currently working toward changing the typical experience of most undergraduate students, which includes little or no personal advise from faculty and limited guidance as they pursue their degrees.

He has worked to set up a mentorship chain to prevent undergraduates from going through their first two years without ever having direct contact with a professor. He has helped to provide opportunities for them to establish relationships with professors that may prove to be very helpful throughout their educational experience. He has played an important role in my life and in the lives of countless students and graduates from this institution.

He continues to provide this institution with direction, vision and inspiration; he also has an active role in attracting quality faculty members. We should be proud that Dr. Koffler has chosen to stay in Tucson and is creating a way to attract others like him to serve as models and mentors to our community.

In short, Dr. Koffler teaches, counsels, develops programs to benefit students and uses his skill and influence to improve the quality of education and quality of life that is available to those who enroll at the University of Arizona.

The university and its students benefit greatly by Koffler's continued dedication, vision and loyalty.

Kathleen M. Shay

Pharmacy Freshman

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