Tarantino criticism unwarranted


I am a big Quentin Tarantino fan and would like to defend the attacks on his work, both as director and screenwriter, that appeared in Noah Lopez's column yesterday.

"Reservior Dogs" is my favorite movie. I've seen it over 20 times and I admit there are a few inconsistencies, but they only add to the movie's charm. And in my time as a "Reservior Dogs" fan, I've found that the majority of people who are opposed to the movie are those who have only seen it once and focus in on the torture scene. The torture scene is a five-minute clip of the movie and the scene does a very good job at building up to the death of the torturer. I have to disagree with the claim that the movie does nothing to offset the violence. I felt that the ending of the movie showed what was bound to happen to you if you were caught up in all this unnecessary violence.

As for Tarantino's "True Romance" and "Natural Born Killers" stories portraying violence as a popular thing to do, I think it is unfair to blame him. After all, he only wrote the original stories. You never know what directors Tony Scott and Oliver Stone did to change these stories. In fact, I seem to remember hearing that Tarantino was upset with what Stone did to his story.

So my advice to Noah Lopez is watch "Reservior Dogs" a few more times because if you see nothing offsetting the violence, then you definitely missed something.

James Milkey

Theatre Major

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