Football games affect neighborhood


The University of Arizona football team is off to what promises to be a great season with exciting season with the wins over Georgia Tech and New Mexico State. The success of UA football has a downside which I believe deserves attention.

I live in the Rincon Heights neighborhood, two blocks due south of the Arizona Stadium. Adjacent to my property and across the street are vacant lots. On the afternoons and evenings of football games, the owners of these lots conduct commercial parking businesses. These lots are not zoned for commercial parking. The owners spend a few hours charging four or five dollars per car and leave when the game starts. The cars are parked "sardine" style to maximize their profits. The game goers choose to park there in order to have their "tailgate" parties.

This situation poses a number of problems. Hot barbeque ashes are usually dumped on the ground when the cooking is over. Occasionally large, open fires are built. As many as 80 vehicles are on a single lot with no sanitation facilities. Large amounts of food and other litter is left behind. Arguments are common when people want to leave but their vehicles are blocked in. Many people are drinking to excess and can be belligerent. The police have no jurisdiction on private property if the owner does not complain.

While Molly McKasson and Carolyn Campbell of the Ward 6 office have made some suggestions which may address the problem in the long-term, it is unlikely that the problem will be addressed this season.

The fans promise to be even more enthuiastic this season. I suggest porta-potties, trash cans and safe containers for hot ashes are in order immediately. It is important that the property owners be responsible for the activities on their property and respect the rights of their neighbors.

Ed Eberlein

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