Center celebrates justice

By Cara Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Jesse Hargrove is convinced that quotes can be the basis for social change.

Thus the theme "Quotation for Justice" for today's celebration of the third anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center.

Today's recognition program will honor 80 University of Arizona students, faculty and community members for their beliefs in civil rights and social justice. Each honoree will present a quote representing their beliefs.

"Being involved in social justice concerns is important to our university, community and society," said Hargrove,the dean of African American student affairs. "If we can make an impact through programs such as this, we can look forward to great society and achieving the American dream."

The people being honored include Eddie Basha, Democratic nominee for governor; supervisor Raul Grijalva; Graduate and Professional Student Council President Mitzi Forbes; ASUA President T.J. Trujillo; Dean of Students Melissa Vito and Provost Paul Sypherd.

"I am extremely honored to be selected," Trujillo said. "Hopefully through my involvement on campus I've demonstrated multicultural and diverse issues on campus."

Recognition Day events will also include a speech from Gloria Copeland, a local community leader who is running for the Tucson school board this year.

Hargrove said she was selected to be this year's honorary sounder because she believes in youth and the community.

The goal of the center this year is to shape social conditions on campus and reach out beyond the physical building walls of the MLK Center, Hargrove said.

"It's important to have a campus that believes in social justic and equality," he said. "The last natural resource is the human resource. We've capped oil and copper, but we haven't capped the human mind."

Recognition Day events will be held from 10 a.m. to noon in front of the MLK Center.

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