Mascot argument a waste


It seems as though it has become popular for everyone to attack contributors to the Wildcat, and not the issues the contributors bring up.

In regards to the mascot issue, the whole argument is a waste of time and space. I can't think of any school which would pick a mascot demeaning to the school's stature. Perhaps the UA should change its mascot to the maggots?

Typically, schools pick a mascot that is meant to drive fear into the hearts of their competitors, to give the school and those associated with it a central focus to rally behind. I don't understand how a mascot can be considered demeaning. Have you ever heard of the Fighting Irish, or the Runnin' Rebels, or the Padres? These are all based on Anglo groups. But I suppose it's all right to pick on Anglos because they're in the majority and therefore deserve ridicule.

The mascot of the high school I graduated from was the Criminal. Some may find that demeaning to convicts, but the fact of matter is, 70 years of graduates from my high school are proud of their mascot, the tradition it carries and the history behind its creation. As far as I know, there haven't been any complaints by convicts anywhere protesting that school's mascot.

If you let little things ruffle your feathers, you'll never get to fly you'll spend all your time straightening your feathers.

Travis Hoffman

Undeclared Freshman

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