Pay mishap common


I feel the need to let Chris Chavez and others know that his incident ("Paycheck screw-up problem for student," Nov. 29 ) was not an isolated one. I have been employed by the university for five weeks now, and have not yet received a single paycheck. Since we had two holidays during the month of November, I decided to let the matter rest. On the Tuesday after our Thanksgiving holiday I went to the Payroll Department to find out what was the holdup. I was told that I had not even been put into the computer until that morning, but not to worry I would be getting all the money owed to me in two weeks, next payday!

Much like Chris Chavez, I am supporting myself with the few minimum wage jobs I have around campus. The money I receive is vital to my living standards and health. The next day I received my tuition bill in the mail. Maybe the university should waive the late registration penalty fees for their employees, since they never give us money we are using to pay for tuition on time in the first place.

Elaine Anderson

Sociology Junior

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