Send committee proposal to all faculty


I believe the discussion of faculty governance at the last senate meeting needs some clarification.

The Committee of Eleven has unanimously adopted a Declaration of Governance Principles for the University of Arizona. The Declaration contains seven principles including these:

An organizational and operational structure shall be developed for the university.

Academic administrators, including department heads, deans, vice provosts, vice presidents, and the provost, can have a clear mandate and strong support only if they are elected for specified term limits. Each academic administrator shall undergo periodic review by the Faculty to ensure accountability.

A university budget shall be prepared, publicized, and approved by the Faculty Senate. Records of all University expenditures shall be open to inspection by elected faculty.

Decisions to create or remove programs, units, and positions shall be regulated by unambiguous, clear, and readily accessible policies and procedures.

I am convinced that the discussion and adoption of these principles must precede the discussion of any "co-governance" proposal. The proposal by the self-appointed "Co-governance Working Group" has not been approved by any elected body, but it has already been distributed by a miscommunication. This is why I request that a copy of the Committee of Eleven's proposal be sent to every faculty member.

Miklos Szilagyi

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor

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