UA tightens Mall-area restrictions on alcohol

By Charles Ratliff

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The UA has issued specific rules governing the use of alcohol within the Mall area during this year's Homecoming activities.

Among the changes being asked of organizations who set up tents on the Mall include fencing off a specific area, checking IDs, and banning kegs and hard alcohol.

Melissa Vito, dean of students, said Homecoming policies in the past have been less restrictive than this year. This year, she said, Greek organizations are observing their own alcohol policies in order to set standards for their activities on the Mall.

"The overall message," Vito said, "is to de-emphasize alcohol and focus on the programs and activities on the Mall."

Dan Maxwell, director of Student Programs, said the university has asked organizations to clearly identify their tent boundaries.

Kevin Calihan, treasurer for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said his fraternity will be fencing off their tent. He said they have hired a guard to check identifications at the entrance and, in following school policy, have hired licensed bartenders to serve the alcohol.

Kegs and hard alcohol will be prohibited in Mall tents, Maxwell said.

"The students have been receptive to the changes in policy," he said.

Bobcats president Duane DeSpain said one fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, will not be serving alcohol at their Mall tent tomorrow because

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