World not 'Happy-White-Man-Place'


Dear John,

I don't want to sit here and argue with every little issue you brought up in your column ("Liberals lose on 'Reality Check,'" Oct. 8). I'm just wondering what would happen if the world could turn into the "White-Man-Happy-Place" you'd like it to be. Wait, I think I might know. We'd be able to kill all those pesky wild animals that just won't settle down and stay happy in confinement, the "bad cultures" could be the slaves for white people (who cares we're "better" anyway), and women could stay at home and their multiple talents in the workplace could be unexpressed (we don't need them there we have white men!). I think that covers it .

I'd like to see how your life would be if we didn't have the benefits of the numerous oppressed cultures' ideas and people, or those of women. The reality is, our world would be a much worse place. We open-minded liberals don't plan on closing our minds to regress to those standards you seem to desire. I wish you were alone in your thoughts, but a "reality check" on myself tells me unfortunately you're not. Stick with your numbers and computers in math your life will be easier if you don't have to deal with the reality of humankind in the '90s.

Becky Donofrio

Environmental Science Junior

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