November 14, 1995

HELP WANTED: How Web Savvy Are You?


UA floats through weekend celebration, elects campus royalty

NIEA holds Student Day as part of conference

Fire marshal orders UA to install sprinklers in halls

Only 'change' is political deadlock

Students instrument in budget symphony

Conservative ideals make bad fairy tale

Main Gate electricity saved when not in use

CCIT services poor, reflection of entire UA

Liberals offer 'ineffective' solutions

Police Beat


Indian mascots lecture

Conference looks at future of communication fields at UA

NAACP to hold race relations forum


Postseason hopes all but shattered after 17-13 loss

Oregon's 3rd-quarter stand key to game

Cross country's women advance

UA gets win, 3 signings over weekend

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Volleyball's postseason hopes in jeopardy

Win over Sun Devils would salvage season