Don't blame government for environmental damage


In response to Jessie Fillerup's column ("Today's destruction, tomorrow's burden," Oct. 30), I have but one thing to say: it is easy to sit back and critique the slashing of rain forests and probable existence of species when one has a comfy job and food on the table each night.

In her column, she states "What's a few fuzzy animals compared with thousands of loggers' jobs?" (Don't worry, I get the sarcasm.) I ask her, are you prepared to tell the families of those loggers that there will be no food tonight because daddy can't find work? I dare say you would not insult them and tell them they can't eat because people don't want a squirrel to die.

I wholeheartedly agree that the continued destruction of our forests and the depletion of our natural resources are bad things, but the answer is not to bad-mouth the government. You said yourself, "the apathetic response from voters comes as a surprise." The government is made up by the people. If the government sins it is all of our sin.

Dan Marthaler

Mathematics Sophomore

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