'Rancid' concert article editorialized, incoherent


Perusing through the Wildcat, I saw Andrew Berenson's article about Rancid (the East Bay's answer to a void left by The Clash after they dropped out of the limelight in the '80s) in the Mutato section ("Rancid whips up intense, relentless Phoenix show," Nov. 16). I thought maybe I'd learn something new about the band or read something interesting about their concert in Phoenix. So with a bit of apprehension, I started reading the Rancid article (admittedly, they are not one of my favorite bands).

Instead of a review of the concert, I read Berenson's rantings about white supremacist skinheads for about a third of the article. Then there were the misquoted lyrics .

Maybe it's just me, but for an article on a band Berenson supposedly likes so much, it doesn't seem like he put too much of an effort into documenting their concert for the Wildcat readership.

Next time Berenson writes an article about a concert, I hope he writes about the band and their performance; not what he thinks about certain bullies (most people are aware of their unsavory characteristics), incorrect information, or his life-philosophies. All of those things have their place: editorials, the trash and conversations with friends, respectively.

I don't mean to be pretentious or anything (sincerely), but I was just a bit irritated. Remember, coherence is your friend.

Ben Todd

Media Arts Sophomore

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