Basketball fans need to be supportive, louder


In response to Emily Hoffman's letter ("Basketball hyped, small crowds show," Nov. 21), I say, "Amen!" As a devout fan of UA men's basketball I agree that there is something quite wrong with the basketball fans or lack thereof among this student body.

I have season tickets, and I am sitting up in the roof in section 126 making as much noise as I can, supporting my team. But there is about nobody else up there who makes any noise! They sit there and chat with their friends. McKale used to have the longest winning streak in the nation because it such a difficult place to be the away team in. The crowd made so much noise and was so into the game.

Tucson used to be a huge college basketball town, Emily. But most of the folks here are such fair-weather fans. So what if we aren't ranked in the Top 10? So what if we flopped in the Tourney last season? This is a new season and a different team. If anyone has watched the Cats this season, they know we have a pretty darn good team this year, because they have seen the way these guys can play! They are out there playing as hard as they can, giving their all for a school and a town that doesn't seem to care unless they are having a perfect season.

The team should be able to count on the students (the few of us who do manage to get tickets) to be as loud and supportive as we can be. So just don't give up on the team yet, because of last year's flop. Let's show this town what Arizona basketball fans are made of! Go Cats!

Anne Eychaner

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Junior

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