Try turning off lights to save funds


If we are living in times of budget austerity, as the university administration claims, and TAs like myself must scrape by on extremely meager pay, why is it that the university can afford to keep the new (and unoccupied) Administration Building on Euclid Avenue lit up all night, every night, as though it were a 24-hour convenience store? As far as I can tell, there is no one in this building at this time, yet that giant incandescent cube glows into the wee hours of morning. Does someone merely forget to hit the "off" switch on the way out each evening?

This seems like a huge waste of money and resources which could otherwise be used for purposes like reducing class sizes, improving library facilities, or any number of other useful projects which are being curtailed or postponed due to an alleged lack of funds. How can the university justify this drain on an already stretched budget?

Michael J. Kelly

Political Science Graduate Student

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