Homes part of UA


According to an article in Tucson Lifestyle (Sept. 1995), UA President Manuel Pacheco enjoys his new midtown house, viewing it as an "extension of the University of Arizona." But he and the university planners don't extend the same courtesy to some home owners living along Sixth Street whose houses the university wants to pave away, making room for a parking lot. Are these houses also an extension of the university?

Why aren't members of the UA architecture school, along with other faculty units, speaking out against the destruction of these graceful homes?

And what about the businesses and homes south of the campus between Sixth and Seventh Streets which the university planners want to destroy? Have they given any thought to the neighborhoods they are demolishing and the families they are dislocating? For UA planners to deny these home owners the same opportunity to enjoy their homes as President Pacheco enjoys his midtown house is unconscionable.

Ray Fernandez

Tucson Resident

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