Goodbye Mike's Place


I would like to thank all of the patrons who have frequented Mike's Place over the years.

I was recently forced to close my business due to prolonged problems with the university concerning the All Aboard card and many problems with the Marshall Foundation.

All of the businesses in the area have been working very hard to get the All Aboard card off campus. However, the university has done nothing but drag its feet while we all sink. This, combined with the Marshall Foundation suddenly pulling our leases because small businesses are no longer a part of their overall picture for the area, has caused a big decline in the area.

We have all had numerous complaints about the parking in the Marshall lots since Arizona Auto Parks started running them. It is cheaper to park in downtown Chicago all day than at a Marshall lot for our customers. The Marshall Foundation does not respond to our complaints or do anything to help their tenants.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Mike's Place and encourage you to continue to support the other small businesses in the area.

Cynthia Darego

Owner, Mike's Place

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