Player's gesture more vulgar than scoreboard


I wasn't planning on making a big deal about this, but when I read Randy Young's letter on the offensive message posted on ASU's scoreboard ("Message on ASU scoreboard vulgar," Nov. 28), I had to say something. It was probably a little unsportsmanlike to put the implication on the scoreboard that ASU should "screw UA." However, I don't know if Randy saw an even more unsportsmanlike act during the game.

When Richard Dice got up from being injured and flipped off the crowd on his way back to the sideline, it made me ashamed to be a UA student. I have never seen such an unsportsmanlike gesture in all of my years watching both collegiate and professional sports. The act was made worse because it was caught by TV cameras and made visible for all viewers to see.

All I can say is, thank God that UA was never in contention for a Rose Bowl, because then Richard Dice's disgraceful gesture would have been seen by a national audience and made all associated with the university look as bad as he now does.

Ted Dubasik

Accounting Senior

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