Perry's new CD rides into town

By Robert Breckenridge

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Al Perry's newest record Losin' Hand has just been

released on compact disc. With this event comes

the ever-popular "Record Release Party," which is designed to raucously promote the record and allow the band to make a few extra tax-free dollars by selling said album in person at the show usually at a reduced price to encourage purchasers. However, the unique character of this show is not of particular interest; instead, the mere performance should entice music fans to attend Club Congress on the night of Friday, November 10.

Al Perry is a driving force in both local and national music. Having played in various bands for over a decade, his influence on the underground rock scene is undeniable (Spin magazine has listed his records in their prestigious "must owns" of punk rock). Al Perry's punk, rock, and country heritage have provided him with a wealth of influences that distinguish his many records from other local artists both in style and quality. From surf based instrumentals, to punk rockers, to country raves, his songs transcend the likes of his historic contemporaries (Giant Sand, Green on Red, Naked Prey) and distinguish his music from the slew of rockers that run in his circle (Dog and Pony Show, Stinky Slinky). While his orneriness has been tempered of late, resulting in less punk and more country, and an unfortunate line-up change in his band, the Cattle, has left an irreplaceable hole in the driver/drummer's seat, his rock has not been compromised. Powerful guitar styling and super songs are sure to be par on Friday night as Perry highlights his new record. Plus, we can hope to hear a few old beauties, thanks to his recent (and well worth the wait) revival of some of his classic songs at the Club Congress Halloween party last week.

The show is also promising to be of even greater merit as a result of the opening band, Honeywagon. They are certainly on the fast track in the Tucson rock underground. Featuring members of such amazing bands as the Napkins, Mondo Guano, Vibro-Thunder Balls, 50 Cent Pooty, and the Pork Torta (to name just a few) this outfit is a spectacular newcomer to the rock scene. With a swingy guitar style and driving beats accompanied by gorgeous vocals, this is a must see band. Make sure to get to the show early (by about 9:00) in order to see this combo they are well worth your attention.

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