Driving drunk still serious crime

Early Monday morning, a 21-year-old former UA student was killed when the car she was traveling in was struck by another vehicle. Another student is still in critical condition. The driver of the second vehicle was intoxicated.

It's shocking that people are still stupid enough to go driving in a state when they shouldn't even be walking, but it happens. And it's an unparalleled tragedy that a woman's life was ended because some nitwit couldn't be troubled to be responsible.

There's no question that awareness of drunk driving has increased, but unfortunately, the crime itself appears to be increasing proportionately. The number of alcohol-related accidents in and around Tucson increases on a yearly basis.

So although we've all heard the arguments against drunk driving, they apparently still need to be hammered home.

Driving drunk is not glamorous it isn't charmingly roguish to be an immature fool who endangers people's lives.

Driving sober is not an inconvenience there's no difficulty in planning for a designated driver or alternate forms of transportation before going out.

This weekend, when going out to socialize, think ahead. Please.

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