Racial preference un-American


To the students of the University of Arizona,

As you may be aware, there is a walkout scheduled for Thursday morning. This walkout is a protest against the actions of the Board of Regents, who are working to dismantle the racist policies of Affirmative Action.

I, and the organization I represent, would like to wholeheartedly throw our support behind John Munger and his allies in the Board of Regents. We will be distributing a memorandum on Thursday that will tell the truth about Affirmative Action, both in universities and business. My organization will fight any attempt to save this un-American policy.

Furthermore, I would like to challenge the leaders of this walkout to a formal debate at their convenience. We encourage these leaders to choose the place and time of their liking. At this debate, I would like a series of questions to be answered. These questions include: What is the rationale behind people being punished for actions committed by their forefathers? Why are minorities entitled to preferential government treatment? And most importantly, why has merit been replaced by skin color and gender?

This country can never become equal and free of prejudice while the government favors certain races ahead of others. Americans should be classified by intelligence, ingenuity and patriotism, not by religion, color or former nationality.

UCLA has started a trend that the UA should follow. I am not a racist. I dream of a world where we can all look at ourselves as Americans instead of as blacks, whites or any other label which requires our separation. Please join together in the fight against Affirmative Action policies which are widening the gap of racial equality for which we all fight so hard.

Michael Burgoyne

Political Science Freshman

Chief of Operations

The Right Way

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