Others' tattoos shouldn't bother 'punk'


Last Thursday, we read an article by Tim D'Avis ("Tattoos are for sissies," Oct. 5) about who should get tattoos and what they should be. No, Tim, you didn't sound like Billy Goat Gruff. You sound more like one of the assimilated trust-fund pop punks that lose out on knowing many interesting people due to a superiority complex.

Though we ourselves do not subscribe to the confines of Greek life, people are people. Those girls will have "Delta Delta Delta" across their butts for the rest of their lives. So what? Do you really care that much about their butts? I'm sure your "misanthrope" friends will regret their tattoos in 15 years as well. And will it really make you feel better if someone calls you and says "You know what, Tim? You were right! You're cooler than me!"

People get tattoos for themselves, not for others. They shouldn't be judged by what culture they prefer. Life is about being happy, not pleasing trendy, pseudo-intellectual, zine-writing, ex-DPC going, band-playing punks.

Melissa Hightower

Hydrology Junior

Judy Boler

Wildlife and Fisheries Junior

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