Past errors prove we must respect culture


While reading the Wildcat article "'A time of mourning'" (Oct. 10), I was saddened to realize, once again, how selfish people are. This wonderful Earth belongs not to us, but to itself. The only thing that does truly belong to us is culture, yet this country has attempted to destroy a culture that has understood and honored nature not as a potential income source or political pawn, but as an entity that needs to be protected and cherished.

Why is it that we continue to repeat the same mistakes made centuries ago? This country claims that nature and culture are to be preserved. But with the Mt. Graham telescope issue, we are again traveling down the same path that led to the injustices done to the Native Americans.

We need to wake up and realize that not much has changed since the arrival of Columbus. Let's applaud the Native American community and learn what their culture has to teach us, by acknowledging our mistakes and work toward a peaceful planet that puts the Earth first!

Jane Schmitt

Sociology Senior

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