Law cannot be selective


Re: "Officer wasting time stopping unlit cyclist," Oct. 16

Dear Lauren,

What a great idea, selective law enforcement. Talk about a novel concept! It ought to go over really big with those who think police have too much power as it is. And what an efficiency move! It will tie right in with the judge who dismissed your case. What a dedicated public servant and defender of the people he must be.

And I'm certain that your friends and loved ones will understand when the same judge tosses the case of the motorist that ran over you and your unlit bike out of court. Or perhaps you are aware of something that exempts those "merely riding to the library to study" from accidents. It is indeed "comforting to know that while murderers, armed robbers, and drunk drivers" are committing "crimes with relative impunity" there are good citizens such as you wasting the time of law enforcement officials "with a charge so petty" and easily avoided as not having a light on your bike.

Why don't you do yourself and the motorists and pedestrians out at night a favor and get a light for your bike? In the meantime, Lauren, I would like to thank you. Thanks for a chump of an idea, chump.

Ron Roberts

Extended University

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