Tolerance root of problems


I read something in last Friday's Wildcat which concerns me (which is nothing new), but surprisingly enough, it did not come from your staff. I am referring to a letter written by Amber Wittig ("Columnist's superiority about sexuality arrogant," Oct. 13) in response to John Keisling's last column. While the entire letter could easily be considered trivial, there is one sentence that expresses an opinion that is dangerously pervasive in American society.

In the last sentence she states, ". the ignorance and fear that cause such discriminatory laws and actions is representative of the intolerance responsible for many of our country's social problems today." It is this statement that really scares me because I am seeing the attitude behind it more and more. She implies that intolerance is the main reason we have social problems in our society, but I would like to assert that tolerance is more to blame. The attitude that "nobody is good enough to judge what is right and wrong, so we might as well make everything right" is the attitude she has taken, and it is going to lead to the end of America as it lead to the end of the Roman Empire. We give condoms to children to promote sex, we allow people to not take responsibility for their actions by killing unborn children, we even hand out needles in clinics so people can safely use drugs (if such a thing can be done).

We are saying "do whatever you want, because no one is qualified to say that what you are doing is wrong." This, I assure you, will lead to more social problems than someone standing up for what they believe by telling people that they are doing something wrong. As an example, don't you find it ironic that no one thinks twice about an unborn baby being killed, but you better have a damn good reason to harm a squirrel .

Ted Dubasik

Accounting and International Business Senior

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