Planning committee didn't recommend cut


There was an error in the reporting of "The chronology of events that led to decisions regarding the fate of three university departments" on Page 6 of the Sept. 27 Arizona Daily Wildcat.

The Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee's preliminary recommendation did recommend the elimination of physical education, but after further review, the revised recommendation forwarded to the Provost stated "...the Provost and the Dean of the College of Education should discuss the necessity for the undergraduate physical education program in context of whether or not the other two state universities can meet statewide teacher preparation in this area." There was a recommendation to eliminate the for-credit sport and physical activity classes but there was not a recommendation forwarded to Provost Sypherd for the elimination of the teacher preparation program in physical education.

The decision for elimination that Provost Sypherd forwarded to President Pacheco, who in turn asked and received the Arizona Board of Regents' approval in June 1995, was not supported by any review group. The program is slated for elimination in the spring of 1998.

Judy A. Sorensen

Lecturer/Academic Advisor

Physical Education

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