Hiring solely by ability not reality


John Y. Ahn ("Affirmative Action not needed for equality," Oct. 17), in believing that his ability alone is responsible for his position as a TA, is akin to the young women who believe they are being admitted to the fields of law, medicine, architecture, engineering, etc. solely on their ability.

Wake up to the truth about human beings. The majority of us act in our own self interest ,and it is not in the self interest of white, wealthy men (or women) to allow non-whites and the majority of females into their "clubs."

The worlds of academia, business and industry did not accept qualified minorities and women into their midst until they were forced to do so by law. Affirmative Action was, and is, meant to level the playing field so that people of ability will not be passed over due to race, ethnicity or gender.

Do you really believe that the hierarchical, mainly white domains of academia, business and industry are going to "out of the goodness of their hearts" allow the balance of power to continue a shift away from themselves if there are no laws compelling them to do so?

If that is what you believe, I would like to read your letters in about 25 years when you have found that the ability, the intelligence, and the drive of your as yet unborn minority-children and female-children has not led to the success you prepared them for and which you believed they would attain.

Maureen Moynihan

NES Junior

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