Recycling bins needed beyond Union


As chairman of Education By Example, I would like to respond to Michelle Roberts' article, "Trashing the Mall" (Oct. 12). I believe Roberts did an excellent job reporting on our group and our "Recycle Polystyrene" event held last week on the Mall. However, I feel there are a few points which need clarification.

Firstly, Education By Example is not a club. We are a University Activities Board committee within the Department of Student Programs. We are open to all students and encourage students to get involved. Our volunteer base ranges from students majoring in biology to philosophy.

Secondly, I wanted to clarify my statement ". besides informing students, the group hopes to raise the awareness of Student Union staff." Most importantly, Education By Example feels the Student Union has a commendable recycling program. However, current sales practices mean polystyrene (PS6) is used for to-go orders, customers leave the building with PS6 packaging, and no polystyrene recycling bins are available outside of the Student Union. The result is a "mountain of PS6" thrown away every day like what was seen Thursday on the Mall. We want to change that. Education By Example wanted to show Student Union administration and university management that, like any business, they need to have an environmental ethic that transcends their front door.

Successful recycling means the university community makes more of an effort to recycle (use the bins!) and the Student Union and university administration work together to provide better opportunities for recapture of recyclable materials.

Paul Braun

Renewable Natural Resources Graduate Student

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