Discrimination occurs, solution needed


I do not feel that Affirmative Action is a cause of division in our society, but it seems to have become an excuse lately.

Affirmative Action was put in place because certain people were not being treated equally. If everyone in our society was given an equal opportunity all of a sudden and racial, sexual, disability, age, etc. were not platforms for certain persons to discriminate against others, then sure, Affirmative Action as well as EEOC laws would not be needed.

As for persons being denied opportunities because of reverse discrimination, don't you think it is up to the government to make a way to help all who need it instead of making it into a political, re-election year divisive issue to get people at odds? I, like others, do not see where it is ridiculous to want a fair chance, equal shot, or at least be able to get to the starting line.

Race, age, disability and sex discrimination are still deep-rooted in our society. It can only change with each individual, like the golden rule. If the shoe were on the other foot, let's see who would be out there in the 90 degree heat wanting what. As for the organizations who were there at the rally, it seems to me if it hasn't come under attack all of a sudden that people in this country have the right to speech and assembly.

I do know that the absolute majority of organizations who were there have been dealing with these issues for decades. Those who were there know by personal experience the pain and ridiculousness of discrimination in its ugliest forms and that is why Affirmative Action is needed. You don't dismantle something such as this without having a workable alternative solution. Let's work on it.

Johnny Escalera

Custodial Department

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