Students second in line for parking

In theory, the university is supposed to serve students after all, they're the ones paying $1,800 per year and up to be here.

But the recent changes in the Park Avenue Garage seem to indicate that students are fairly low priority at this institution.

Supposedly, the changes switching 189 spaces in the garage from permit parking to visitor parking won't hurt the students, faculty and staff who bought permits to park in the garage. But reaction from permit-holders who complain of long lines for spaces and having to park in the sun (which defeats the idea of a garage) indicates otherwise.

While the people who paid $250 for a permit are suffering, the 189 spaces largely stand empty. This is the sorely-needed visitor parking?

Parking and Transportation needs to re-evaluate its priorities. As it stands now, the people who are supposed to be benefiting from it are getting screwed.

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