Minorities must help themselves for unity


I would like to respond to Dale B. Williams' letter ("Not so much difference between races," Oct. 23). Dale, I do not know if you are black or white or male or female, but I do know your opinions are very idealistic and there is nothing wrong with that. I attended the Million Man March in D.C. and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The purpose of the march was not exclusion by any means gender or racial, but it was a call to black men so maybe we might hear something which will wake our behinds up.

Dale, you stated that there is no difference in black problems and white problems. Have you studied the statistics of black on black crime? Have you noticed the difference between the inner cities and the suburbs? Have you paid attention to the inmate population in prisons? How about the high number of fatherless children in this society? I think there is a difference.

You mentioned that when Minister Farrakhan stated that "white folks cannot solve black folks' problems," he was adding to the racial divide. Well, Dale, the proof is in the pudding. I don't think welfare is helping black folks. I do not think public housing is a godsend. I don't even think Affirmative Action is all it's cut out to be.

Just think, Dale, if black people were to stop the senseless slaughter of one another, and if we spent that $450 billion a year in our own communities instead of giving it to mainstream businesses and the dope dealers, then we could collectively work with other minorities in building businesses, schools and housing, and we would not have to worry about Affirmative Action. That is a problem we have to solve for ourselves. You are correct when you say "racial division is a problem that affects everyone." I couldn't agree more, but Dale, don't forget racism is learned and I don't think minorities are the teachers.

One other point, Dale you mentioned that "blacks and whites are not so different . we are all humans. We are all Americans no matter what our color." I agree we all are Americans, but Dale, don't be nave. There will always be differences, and I'm not saying that negatively it's just factual. No one is the same, even people of the same race. I think God intended it to be that way. But, you are absolutely correct when you say that racism is a problem for all Americans. It is. It just knocks minorities on their butts a lot more often.

Tony Pinkins

Psychology Junior

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