Too much attention lavished on La Paz


In response to the article "La Paz Celebrates" (Oct. 23), I would like to take the time to qualify, in my opinion, what constitutes a great residence hall. First of all, the "newness" of something does not automatically make it the "best." The Edsel was new at one time, but in retrospect it certainly was never considered "the best." Copper, Santa Fe colored stucco, and Gotham-esque lighting enhance the cosmetic appearance but contribute little toward the distinction of being great. What makes a residence hall great is a combination of two things: tradition and the residents who live there. In the way of tradition, La Paz doesn't have even a year under its belt yet.

Many halls have lived through World War II, The Great Depression, the fab 50s, the 60s revolution, and the day when a man walked on the moon. Where was La Paz when Kennedy was shot? Then there's the residents. Since the beginning the University has held a long tradition of great residents that have not only enjoyed their time here, but have also given back to their school, and the surrounding community. They have donated blood, their own money for charities, and given time and effort for philanthropic activities to make a difference for others. Some even gave up sleep, study time, and sanity at surrounding halls while La Paz was being built.

The point of this is that I am not trying to bag on La Paz or its residents by any means. Merely I am trying to make a statement amidst all the hoopla and media glitz that La Paz is only 1/17 of the total residence halls on campus. To say that it is the "best" is a bit presumptuous at this time. It is certainly the newest, and a welcome addition to our residence hall community, but like a fine wine, it needs to age a bit before such superlatives can be lavished upon it.

Kirk Sibley

Marketing/MIS Junior

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