Drunk driving tragedies completely preventable


My phone bill for the first month of school was huge, but not because I was homesick. My parents called me the Wednesday evening before classes began with some horrible news. One of my closest friends from high school had been killed by a drunk driver. She was only 20. The man who killed her by crossing the center-line and plowing head-on in to her car began serving his 14-year sentence Monday.

Drunken driving is a choice. All of the tragedy that comes with it is completely preventable. We all know that we shouldn't drive when we are drunk, but it still happens. I urge you all to help in any way you can Tom Doyle and the family and friends of Heather Ann Dowd. Also think when you are out partying. The man who killed my friend will be 41 when he is released from prison. His actions have taken one life, ruined his life, and hurt many others. Please be aware of what you can do to stop senseless tragedy from occurring and do it so no one else will be lost in such an unthinking act.

Eilidh Shaffer

Communications Freshman

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