Conservative 'Wildcat' opinions a change


I would like to share a few words regarding an opinion held by Jay M. Barnica ("Opinions too far right," Sept. 26) about the Arizona Daily Wildcat's political views. Mr. Barnica would have the students of this campus believe that the Wildcat has somehow become stagnant in a vat of conservatism. I believe that Mr. Barnica has developed a slight case of amnesia.

In the four years that I have been a student on this campus, I have never enjoyed reading the editorial page as much as I have this year. In the years before, I would constantly open the Wildcat to discover the latest attack on any and all conservative viewpoints. The liberal slant of the Wildcat did not in any way espouse alternative opinions. In fact, the Wildcat only mirrored about every major newspaper in the country.

This year has been an entirely different experience. Weekly columns by John Keisling and guest comments by writers such as Eric T. Watkins have been a surprising change. It is nice to have my personal feelings and political views supported instead of attacked at every turn. To the Wildcat staff, I can only say "keep up the good work."

To Mr. Barnica, I can only offer some advice. From your terse statements about the Beijing conference, the death penalty and abortion, I can only assume that you believe any politically conservative individual is anti-woman, anti-minority and anti-human. I don't believe any attempt by me to clarify the logic behind the views of the political right would meet with any success. You seem hypnotized by the rhetoric of the liberal media you are so used to finding in the Wildcat. It seems to be you who suffers from an intolerance of opposing views. This is something you should really think about.

My final bit of advice is this: if you really are nostalgic about the Wildcat views of the past, may I direct you to the basement of the Main Library, where you may find the remnants of past Wildcat editions gathering dust!

Kini L.E. Knudson

Civil Engineering Senior

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