Citadel fight a case of discrimination


This letter is in reply to Mr. Lipsky's letter ("Faulkner's actions destroyed tradition," Oct. 3). Mr. Lipsky seems to think that an American tradition of discrimination is a good idea and that breaking those discriminatory traditions is "moronic."

The only thing Faulkner is guilty of is trying to go to the school of her choice, an opportunity every person in the United States of America is entitled to. However, she was refused because she had breasts instead of a penis. How very American!

Any tradition in America that brings about discrimination to a group of people as equally qualified to do the job as are those who are accepted by that microcosm of society is wrong and has no place in American tradition.

So yes, Mr. Lipsky, you are entitled to apply to get into Gila dorm and to go to Wellesley College because not being able to get into the school or dorm of your choice because you have a penis instead of breasts is not any less discriminatory than the other way around, and the only thing "moronic" here is you because you dare not try to challenge the status quo.

In the future, Mr. Lipsky, please remember that the Declaration of Independence gives everybody in American the right to pursue "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," not "the life that others decide for me, the liberty that I have until it steps on someone else's toes, and the pursuit of happiness so long as everyone else is happy."

Discrimination is not an American tradition, it is a bigots' tradition, and everyone who believes in it is as bigoted as those who enforce it.

Melissa Meister

Molecular and Cellular Biology Sophomore

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