Standers force short fans out


Lots of good points have been made recently about getting to games on time and not leaving before the game is actually over, but one thing has been bothering me for the last year and has actually forced me to stop going to the games: I am short only a little more than 5 feet tall. I can't see the game. I love football and have as much school spirit as is humanly possible, but I can't see over the backs of the people in front of me who insist on standing the whole game. I have been forced to stay at home on game nights while my husband goes to the games with our friends. I would have been more than happy to have seen the Georgia Tech game in person, but had to be content to watch it on TV and listen to announcers who didn't even know how to pronounce the coach's name! For those who think that anyone who is sitting down during the game or who isn't yelling out nonsense phrases at the players doesn't have school spirit, try watching the game on your knees and see how fun that is. To all of you in Sections 3-7, down in front!

Amy Shimel

Theater Education Sophomore

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