Good seats for early buyers


In response to Ms. Jones' letter, "Fans wanting good seats shouldn't be late (Sept. 14)," I have also been going to UA football games for the last four years. I do not go to the trouble of buying my season tickets early to be squished, trampled and pushed out of my seat by people who don't have tickets to be in my section. I was right next to one of the fights that broke out at the Georgia Tech game. I don't appreciate having the game disrupted by fights, but at the same time, I think that the people who were trying to sit in the seats they paid for had every right to be angry. My friend and I had our seats, and ended up sharing hardly enough space for one person, let alone two. Sometimes the crowd is so horrendous that everyone has to stand sideways to even fit in the section at all. If you choose not to buy your tickets early, then you should be satisfied with what you can get. We are tired of having our football games ruined by people who are in seats they didn't pay for. I'm sure most of the other ticket holders in overcrowded sections would agree. If the tickets you get are in the nosebleed section, be considerate to those of us who took the time to buy our tickets early and sit there.

Patricia Sule

Microbiology Senior

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