Abortion not infanticide


Thank you for boiling down the complex social issues of the Susan Smith case into a small, easily-consumed wad of stupidity. ("Pro-choice arguments favor Susan Smith," Sept. 12) Every woman that chooses to have an abortion is committing infanticide? Where do you draw the line between human being and nonhuman being? Should we save every sperm and egg as a potential person? I think we can assume you do not think that this is a rational point of view. Do you believe that a one-celled zygote is equal to a two-year-old child? How about an eight-celled zygote? Sixty-four cells? One-week-old embryo? A five-week-old, one-centimeter long embryo? Developing embryo does not equal two-year-old kid. Do the math. If abortion pills were legal in the United States and unwanted pregnancies could be terminated early and safely, we wouldn't have to listen to all this emotionally-charged crap about saving "babies." That would probably ruin your day, wouldn't it?

Dale Bivins

Entomology Graduate Student

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