Tucson's not so bad


In response to Mr. Nissani's unsolicited critique of Tucson, I would like to offer him some good advice.

If you don't like Tucson, please, be my guest and get out of town. I don't intend to imply that Tucson couldn't use a little improvement here and there, but anyone who would claim that Tucson is "isolating" and "lacks community" must be blind. You can't possibly be serious in criticizing the weather, or you must never have lived in someplace like Michigan.

Have you ever bothered to look around? This place is surrounded by unparalleled landscapes, but all you can do is complain of "wear and tear on autos." Come on, if you can't see what's beyond Speedway, then maybe Tucson shouldn't be your home after all.

John Conaway

Anthropology Senior

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