Spanish lab 'a pain,' needs restructuring


What is wrong with the Spanish Lab? This is my first year here so I don't know what it was like last year. All I know is that this year it is a pain.

When the year first started, all Spanish classes were allowed to use the lab, and on the day the lab was due there was a four- to five-hour wait. The lab supposedly changed the schedule around so that the first-year and second-year classes would switch off weeks. This would supposedly shorten the lines, but when I being my procrastinating self think there will be a half-hour to an hour wait, instead I probably won't even get in. Even if I do get in, I won't have enough time to finish my work. I heard that even during the week, the wait was a couple of hours.

It is terrible that we have to wait so long for a computer. If there are so many students taking Spanish, something should be done so that every student gets a chance to get their work done.

I have done all my computer assignments until today's. It infuriated me when I put my name in at 10:15 (on the sixth page), and when I went back at 2:30 they had just finished the first page.

I would just like to know if this situation will ever be resolved? I know a lot of students are frustrated because they had to miss a class or wait in the hallway the whole day just to do the lab.

If this keeps up I will probably end up missing a class because of the wait.

I just want some changes to be made and I know that the students do too. Thank you.

Dennis Alvarez

Undeclared Freshman

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