By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA employee reported suspicious activity at the Computing and Technology Store Tuesday afternoon, after discovering a student allegedly ordered a computer for a non-student and also demanded a refund for money she did not spend at the store.

The employee told police a female student ordered an Apple computer system on March 14 and placed a $200 deposit on the computer, which was not in stock at the time. The student signed several documents indicating she was aware the computer was for personal, educational or research use so she could receive a $400 discount, police said.

On April 7, the employee left a message on the student's answering machine, informing her the computer was in.

The employee told police on April 11 another woman came into the store with a copy of the student's $200 receipt, paid the remaining balance and left with the computer, police said.

About 40 minutes later, the student entered the store and told the employee she called the day before to cancel her computer order and wanted her $200 deposit back.

The student became "very agitated" that the store gave her computer to someone else and demanded the $200, police said. The employee told police he then gave the student the money.

The employee called the woman who picked up the computer, asking her to return it. The woman said the student agreed to purchase the computer for her to get the discount.

The woman said she was unaware of the restrictions about non-university individuals purchasing computers and said the student put no personal funds toward purchasing the computer and the $200 was the woman's money, police said.

The woman agreed to return the computer to the store for a full refund, police said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the student arrived at UAPD to return the $200, police said. The employee said he would not press criminal charges but would file it as a university code of conduct violation.

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