I would cut the entire athletic department. I think the money used for coaches, equipment, fields, the people who maintain the fields and travel expenses could be used to pay for other student programs.

David Depippo

History Senior

I'd have to say Near Eastern Studies because there's not a lot of people I know who are doing that. It would hurt students the least.

Lisa Paez

Exercise and Sports Science Senior

History, because it repeats itself anyway.

Aimee Zeff

Marketing Sophomore

I wouldn't cut any, but I'd sure as hell condense many of them.

Norman Stickler

Education Graduate Student

I wouldn't cut a program, I'd cut administrators.

Nicole Berg

Communication Sophomore

I think something related to Media Arts, because I think that we need to dedicate more of our money to programs like engineering and the business college.

Olga Herrera

General Business Senior

Compiled by Norman Peckham. Photos by Cliff Jette. Read Next Article