On behalf of the Yavapai and Yuma Hall governments, I would like to thank the candidates who came to the forum on Feb. 20 for the upcoming ASUA elections. The members of the hall governments spent a great deal of time to organize the event in the best interest of the residents AND the candidates. We decided that it would not be beneficial or fair for the residents to have speakers come to the hall government meetings. Instead, we decided to hold a forum. The forum was publicized through ASUA and within the residence halls involved.

I was appalled at the lack of respect that a majority of the candidates had for their running mates. A LARGE number of the candidates left right after their little speeches. As a chemical engineering major carrying a full extracurricular schedule and 20 units, I can fully appreciate being busy. However, this does not, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, excuse the rudeness of the candidates slipping out of the forum early. If any of the candidates, WHO ARE VOTERS AS WELL, that felt their precious time was too valuable to spend listening to others' opinions had stayed for the last few speakers, I am sure they too would be ashamed of their disappearing act. To the candidates that did stay until the end of the forum, namely: Petri Darby, Kirk Walker, Angus Hendrick, Kevin Bertram, Rhonda Wilson, Tallee Billiard, Quincy Diep, Ethan Orr, David M. Bizak and Michael Curley, the Yavapai and Yuma hall governments would like to extend our congratulations and

Mary Hamm
Yavapai Hall President Read Next Article