I would like to address certain items from the letter about library service from todayÕs Wildcat (May 2). While I am sorry that Ms. Fuller was treated poorly, in her opinion, IÕd like to know why she simply waited there for five minutes? Why didnÕt she just go up to the clerk, as I always have, and ask for her reserve materials? Is she expecting table-side service? She is as much responsible for her wait as any clerk. If she is not willing to speak up, how is the clerk supposed to know what she needs?

Concerning InterLibrary Loan, I have used this quite often this semester to get titles from the United States and Canada. Most likely the reason her friend could not have the materials shipped back to NAU is the fact that they werenÕt received via ILL in the first place. The library takes a responsibility for the safety of other librariesÕ materials when it uses ILL. She took that responsibility on herself when she checked them out at NAU. If they gave her incorrect information about how the books could be returned, it is THEIR fault, not the U of AÕs.

In regards to "menial jobs and pay," she's quite right there. Many of us are graduate students earning the munificent sum of $4.25 an hour (now you know how much your B.A. will be worth, Ms. Fuller). While working in the reference room, I have had people wave at me like a waiter in a restaurant because they donÕt want to have to get up. Well, IÕm sorry, but this isnÕt a restaurant and I donÕt come to whistles or waves.

We have over 35,000 students plus staff and the public who use the U of A libraries. And you know what, most of them canÕt read. We put signs on the copiers and carts asking people to put the books on the carts standing upright and NO ONE DOES IT. Instead, they leave them piled up on the carts, copiers, floors, tables, in the bathrooms, etc.

At the end of the semester last year, we had over 1,000 books AN HOUR being returned for check-in and shelving. We are probably running the same amount this semester. Is it any wonder people have trouble finding things? We just donÕt have enough people or time to pick up after 35,000 people who canÕt pick up after themselves. Oh, and letÕs not forget the people who would rather tear out pages from our books and magazines than take 10 cents and a few minutes to Xerox it. And move chairs to the terminals marked with the blue handicapped signs. And leave the microfiche readers turned on so their bulbs burn out.

I'm glad Ms. Fuller had a good experience at Pima. But maybe thatÕs because they treat their library and librarians better than students do here. Graduate Student Read Next Article